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We have been serving our community through awareness, art healing, and community service since 2015. Time has taught us that if we want to see those we serve thrive, we have to serve all of their needsThus, Children of God House Fellowship (CGHF) was born. C.G.H.F is a 501c3 non-profit that seeks to create a mutual aid art safe haven that offers youth suffering from trauma and their communities the support that they need to move on and prosper; formerly known as BeautifulIam.  On this new plane our love mission has expanded to bring all current programs alongside additional vocational and housing services under one roof in a residential setting. That means we are in need of a strong team to get us there! Join the board or advocate committee today by emailing us at info@CGHFheals.org 

Art for Ashes



Hire Young People (HYP) helps at-risk youth connect with opportunities resources and mentors to allow exploration and cultivation of gifts so youth can thrive. Business start-up consulting available upon request.  Click link to sign up for Shining Star Young Entrepreneur Spotlight 

 Art for All

 Art for All takes to the community and social media with art meditations, art circles, and open mics. The power of creative expression is utilized in a fun way to process life experiences and identify emotions. This dose of healing fun aims to ungraurd resistant community members so no one is left to fight alone. 



Freedom Pages Club

Freedom Pages Club creates partnerships with organizations serving youth to form BiblArt Clubs. An Art Club provides a place for the discovery of artistic abilities, sharpen skills, creation of bonds through the arts, and collaboration through group projects that will beautify their communities. Support with outreach and fundraising are provided. 

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He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners ” 

“Donta Gee, Founder and Executive Director”

“Donta Gee, Founder and Executive Director”

Art delivered me! “Poetic utterances on lost notebook pages and freedom poems on stages across the nation, notably sharing the stage with the likes of Prentice Powell, Just Nest, and Obbie West, pulled me from the ashes of molestation and domestic violence to the beauty of a purpose-driven life of artrepreneurship , making room for me to answer the call to birth CGHF so this God-given hyssop of art healing  can be taken to the world!”


We pledge to do all things in love with authenticity and it shows in what they are saying after we leave the room

Since young, I always and still have trouble getting heard by others. Last year was a big step for me because of your strong encouraging words. It made me realize that I shouldn’t care or be afraid of what people think about me…your self love

Oswald, Student

Your appearance and encouragement of our students to come up on stage speak and recite that day has really been a big influence on one of our students… the spoken word experience has given her a voice

Ayana, Teacher

She pushed them to be honest with themselves and speak for themselves it was a real opportunity to show who they are and what they go thru there were hugs and tears…transformed these students
Vanessa Ann, Teacher

The first word that comes to mind is innovative.  From organizing events on holidays and around times of the year to addressing the specific needs of the season there’s a method to the kindness

David Jarecki, Philanthropist

Performances are always energized she’s on stage with a purpose and always has a message….  super dope expect more amazing things to come from her in the future stay doing it keep it up 

Jeronimo Speaks, Spoken Word Artist

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Current Campaigns


Operation Art Healing

Pledge just $65 to help at risk youth through out the South-Suburb and rural area. Sponsorship will help host helpful life chats over the creation of verses and repurposed fashion accessories. This dose of healing fun utilizes creative expression to teach youth to process life experiences identify and accept emotions while naturally treating depression and anxiety . The workshop’s goal is for participants to build self love and approval to excell above statics and avoid the pit falls of sex work domestic violence and teen pregnancyEach participant will receive a swag bag, food will be provided. 

Shop For a Cause

The Unicorn Thrift collection is a fundraising collaboration with the Gleaning Lady Enterprises Inc. Various vendors have generously agreed to list their products and services in our shop and donate a portion of the listings profit. So each item you purchase will help to bring art to youth who have suffered trauma through Talking Circles, Open Mic workshops and community service projects. Please consider visiting to make a purchase. Share Heavenly Hands Plus shop with your friends and family to further help our fundraising efforts.

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We travel long and hard, giving the same passion to four as we give to four hundred.

Let’s Fellowship

Community can  unite solutions to answer some of society’s biggest problems but first we must build community through coming together to fellowship; upcoming events below